Portos do Paraná set a historical record for handling in 2021 04/01/2022 - 16:03

Two days before ending 2021, the Ports of Parana exceeded the historic annual cargo movement record. Until 5pm on the last Thursday (30th), there were 57,345,800 tons of cargoes loaded and unloaded by the terminals in Paranagua and Antonina.

In 2020, when the previous milestone was registered, the ports of Paraná ended the year with 57,338,001 tons in imports and exports.

“Even with all the difficulties we had faced again this last year, we closed 2021 with yet another historic mark, thanks to investments that ensure competitiveness and excellence in the operations of our ports. The excellent performance is also the result of the effort and dedication of our port workers”, highlights Governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Júnior.

The Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Logistics, Sandro Alex, detach the contribution of port management in Paraná and the work of companies and operators that invest and trust in the ports of Paraná.

“The numbers only come to confirm and crown the exhaustive work of the best port management among public ports in Brazil. This is the result we have achieved with a port community that works integrated for the development of Paraná”, says the secretary.
NUMBERS - Among the main data for 2021 in the ports of Paraná is the 10% increase in the movement of general cargo. In the period, there was also a 4% increase in the operation involving liquid bulk; 11%, in the volume of tons handled in containers; and 9% in cellulose.

Considering the monthly movement, in December 2020 the ports of Paranagua and Antonina handled 3,777,259 tons of cargo. This year, until 7 am on December 30th, there were 4,267,933 tons – about 13% more.

December 2021 also closed with the biggest monthly movement in history, for the same 31 days, as highlighted by the CEO of Portos do Paraná, Luiz Fernando Garcia.

“The words are productivity and efficiency. The 2021 result is the result of the effort of the entire Paraná port community, which contributed to, once again, achieving expressive results and surpassing our own mark”, he says.

According to Garcia, despite the latest monthly closing data showing a decrease, mainly among export solid bulk – especially corn and soybeans, due to weather and market issues – the new record is due to the increase obtained in other segments.
"Mainly in General Cargo, both in import and export, but also between liquid bulk and fertilizer discharge, which are import solid bulk", comments the executive of the public company on the 2021 data.

The December numbers will be consolidated and made available in the first week of January. The other statistics of movement in the ports of Paraná can be accessed on this LINK.