Who we are

Ports of Paraná are a port complex formed by Paranaguá and Antonina ports. The Board operates as a state public company under the Department of Infrastructure and Logistics of Parana State and  has a delegation covenant along with Federal Government.

As a public company, it is in charge of managing port terminals and is led by an Administration Council and an Executive Board. 

The current management model follows landlord guidelines, where the port authority is in charge of the port management and offers necessary structure for loads movement activities. Therefore, public power maintains facilities related to waterway access, evolution basin, road, rail and internal access. Private initiative is in charge of superstructure: equipment, warehouses and work force.


Why to choose our ports?

Ports of Paraná are convenient located and are constantly being transformed to become more efficient and dynamic.

Terminals have a movement capacity for all types of load and are competitive to offer the best business solutions for servicing national and international markets.

Paraná is a land of opportunities and have a key role in the Brazilian logistic channel. State Government believes to be necessary to invest in transport capacity, load storage, embarkation and disembarkation efficiency. Improving logistic and operational infrastructure impacts significantly on the costs of industrial and rural producers, and boosts growth and productivity.

Paranaguá Port is located on the southern shores of Paranaguá Bay. Administration headquarters are located on Avenida Ayrton Senna da Silva, 161. Geographic coordinates are:

Latitude: 25° 30’ S

Longitude: 048° 31’ W

Antonina Port is located on the left shores of Antonina Bay, about 17 kilometres from Paranaguá Port. Administration headquarters are located on Avenida Conde de Matarazzo, 2500. Geographic coordinates are:

Latitude: 25° 26’ 30’’ S

Longitude: 048° 41’ 30’’ W


Main Activities

- Supervising, controlling and standardizing port activities within the port complex of Paranaguá and Antonina.;

- Ensuring navigation safety through maintenance systems and works;

- Monitoring environment where it is inserted, taking care of residuals and making resources available for the defence of flora and fauna, in the event of an accident;

- Taking care of roads and rails access routes to port terminals;

- Regulating services that are provided in the ports by loads and terminals operator companies, agents, towing and mooring companies, among others;

 - Managing port development, through the Development and Zoning Organized Port Plan of Antonina and Paranaguá;

- Enabling installation of new activities, industries, services or terminals, to attract new business through strategic actions;

-  Managing conventional tariffs as well as the tariffs for using Maritime Infrastructure, such as berthing, operation and facilities of Paraná Ports and other revenues;

- Managing the 21 leased areas and regulating activities for the 19 lessee companies;

-  Providing and qualifying whole staff for these activities.