International Ship and Port Facilities Safety Port (ISPS) Code, is an international standard for monitoring and controlling access. In Brazil, supervision in the terminals and certification concessions are responsibility of Public Safety National Commission for Port, Terminals and Navigable Routes (Conportos), following the international code provided by International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The Ports in Paraná were the first ones to be granted definitive certification. To implant standards it was invested in order to install necessary equipment and to apply access control and monitoring procedures.

There are over 500 programmable cameras, including mobile equipment that catch images in 360 degrees and reach over two kilometres.

Paranaguá and Antonina Ports also have road scales on the access gates, electronic reading system for bar code, fences, an exclusive area for Federal Police and lighting system in the primary area, public silos, exportation aisle, garage, administrative headquarters and its annexes.