Solid Bulks

The shipping model for grains in Paraná, in pool system, is unique in Brazil. Load can be shipped simultaneously in the three mooring berths, which are exclusive for bulks, and a single ship can get goods from distinct producers – including the small ones. Another distinction is care for quality, so all bulks are assessed by Claspar – Paraná Products Classification Company.
* Six shiploaders (nominal capacity of 1.500 tons/hour)
* A vertical silo (100 thousand tons) and four horizontal (with a total capacity of 60 thousand tons)
* Eight interlinked, private and leased terminals,  with a global capacity of 1,025 million tons.

HIGHLIGHT:  Paranaguá is a reference in positive award payment for soybeans exportation. Waiting time reduction to load the ship reduces users´ cost and increases business liquidity.

Paranaguá Port has a set of two interlinked units for specialized and exclusive use in loose sugar movement. Total area is 9.143 m2, with two bulk carriers for the storage of 174 thousand tons of loose sugar and shipping and expedition line for a thousand tons per hour.

There are six shipping points for cereals and their sub products along the public wharf.

Salt, wheat, malt and others
For solid bulks importation, operation is executed through special hoists with automatized jaw buckets. Products are drained through portico hoppers, transporting chains feeders and trucks that take to the private storing network, on the Port backside.

The public terminal in Paraná Ports have a storage base with capacity for up to 30 thousand tons and it is interlinked to wharf through transportation chains for a thousand tons of product per hour.