Integrated Management

Paraná Ports develop and integrated environment, health and safety management. The role of the public administration is ensuring the programs are carried out by leased companies, private terminals, port operators, transport cooperatives, service providers, among others.

The port community gathers efforts from each member and undertakes awareness and orientation actions, such as training, lectures, monitoring and supervising activities.

- Integrated Management System Regulation

It establishes guidelines and rules related to management, control, execution and supervision of activities/services to encourage environmental protection, health and safety at work. This document regulates activities subject to coordination, monitoring and supervision by the Environment Board, disseminating action rules within Paranaguá and Antonina Ports areas.

- Environment, Health and Safety Integrated Management System Handbook 

It describes the system, establishes policies and guides implementation. The handbook aims collective commitment with socio environmental responsibilities in all procedures that are in place.

- Environmental Performance Assessment


  • Integrated Management System Policy