General load

Paranaguá Port is distinctive for allowing general loads to be moved in different points of the Public Wharf. Therefore, ships are moored in the nearest berths from unload and storage places, in importation, or where the loads destined to exportation are located.

Operation usually involves services with specialized board equipment, local road transport, forklifts and indoor storage, or even in the Yard. It is possible to undertake operation directly in the ship´s side, dispensing internal movement services within the Port facilities.

Paper and its derivatives – There are two terminals for moving paper and its derivatives within the Port facilities.

Industrial Parts and Equipment – About 30 thousand square meters in a new layout are destined for moving this type of load within the primary area

Paranaguá has also nine public and leased warehouses, with an area of 63.980 m² and operational capacity of up to 9 thousand tons per ship, per movement day.