General Information

Paranaguá and Antonina Ports

Total Area: 4.129.801,3 m²  
Wharf and pier: 5.347 m
Berths: 24 (16 berths in Paranaguá commercial wharf, 4 berths in 2 liquid piers, 2 berths in 1 pier of fertilizers, 2 berths in Antonina)
Static Capacity (solid bulks): 1.776.500 tons
Static Capacity (fertilizers): 3 million tons (considering retro area)
Static Capacity (liquid bulks): 974 thousand m³
Containers annual movement capacity: 1,5 million of TEU’s
Embarkation nominal capacity (Exportation Aisle) – 9 thousand tons/hour
Unloading capacity (Operational average board for unloading fertilizers) – 6 thousand tons/day/ship
MHC – Mobile Port Hoist – (unloading solid bulks and general load):  06 units with capacity of 64 -104 tons.  
Shiploaders: 10
Port Operators: 45 companies
Draft: 12,5 m
Sorting Courtyard Area: 330 thousand m²
Sorting Courtyard Capacity: 1 thousand trucks
Courtyard Area: 538 thousand m² (considering vehicles, containers and other yards)

Manoeuvring Areas
Evolution basins are delimited by sections A, B and C, from the charts that define manoeuvre ship areas. They are 500m wide along all the extension of the commercial wharf, and have nominal depths of 8,70 m, 10,70 m and 12,70 m.

Paraná Ports are part of a large transportation network. A wide road mesh connects the East, Central and West Aisles in Southern Brazil and also Mercosul Exportation Aisle.

Road Access: Through BR-277, that links Paranaguá to Curitiba, and through BR-116, that is reached by PR-408, PR-411 and PR-410 roads. Through the support of road transportations, Paranaguá Port has a public Sorting Courtyard with parking facilities to accommodate up to 1.400 trucks.
Rail Access: It is managed and operated by ALL – América Latina Logistic Concessionaire and forms the rail segment of  “Paraná / Santa Catarina Aisle”, with roughly 2,2 thousand kilometres of extension.
Oil Pipeline: It has 90 km of extension and is operated by Petrobras/Transpetro, interlinking inflammable terminals of Paranaguá Port and Getúlio Vargas refinery in Araucária.
Maritime: Entrance is through Galheta Channel, defined in the Navy Nautical Charts numbers1.821 and 1.822. It is 150/200 meters wide, 20 miles long and 13/15 meters deep.  There is also a sand bed to allow safe navigation for large ships.