Press/Communication Office

The Paraná Ports Communication Office is responsible for publicizing the actions, projects and works of the public company, both for internal and external audiences.
All requests for data, photographs, statistics and press interviews are concentrated on the sector.

In addition to the articles made available to journalists, the texts produced by our team are available on our website, social networks, newsletter and Maré Alta newspaper.

Our Contacts

Núria Fernanda Tribulato Bianco (journalist)
(41) 3420-1232

Disclosure Section
Cesar Teixeira (adman)
(41) 3420-1198

Claudio Neves
(41) 3420-1122

Public Relations Section
Najia Zerbeto Furlan (journalist)
(41) 3420-1144

Press Service
Pierpaolo Note (journalist)
(41) 3420-1199

Rodrigo Sell (journalist)
(41) 3420-1199

General e-mail –