Socio environmental Actions

One of the main concerns in Paraná Ports is minimizing impacts from port activities and investing in environment conservation. Promoting environmental quality, health and safety at work allows the terminals in Paraná to grow orderly and in harmony with the city.

Port School

Education for Sustainability: a partnership between the ports and the Councillors of Paranaguá and Antonina, in order to teach port activities to pupils in the 5th grade of Primary School at municipal schools, in a dynamic way.

In classroom and visiting the port, children learn about the importance of port activity in national and local economy, features and characteristics of Paranaguá Bay, environmental issues and care with safety and nature.

Social Communication Programme

To bring information about the ports and their activities to local residents, and also other important information to the community and workers, Paraná Ports use educational and promotional materials to encourage discussion and lectures, as well as campaigns on websites, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, and other free channels.

Environmental Education Programme

It gathers educational actions for internal and external public. Employees at Paraná Ports and temporary port workers participate regularly in lectures, training and educational communication actions.

For the communities directly or indirectly affected by port activities, there are actions carried out along with children and teenagers as well by activities focused on adults.

An example of this is the work carried out in 12 municipal schools located in areas that are influenced by Paranaguá and Antonina Ports. The serviced communities are located at the mainland (Antonina, Pontal do Sul, and Vila Guarani in Paranaguá) as well as in isled communities in Paranaguá Bay (Ilha dos Valadares, Ilha do Teixeira, Ilha do Mel, Europinha, Eufrasina, Amparo, Piaçaguera and São Miguel). During the whole school year there are specific subjects related to environment, citizenship, fishing, natural resources and historical heritage that are worked.

Traffic Management Programme

Besides gathering information on traffic conditions within the Organized Paranaguá Port and its surroundings, port management seeks to find solutions for maintenance and improvements.

 In parallel, it develops ordering actions for trucks arrival, such as the system “Carga On-line” (Online Cargo) – which allows to book the arrival of vehicles at the Trucks Courtyard.