Fertilizer imports remain on the rise in Parana ports
13/12/2021 - 10:33

From January to November 2021, of the 53 million tons handled through the ports of Paranagua and Antonina, 10.5 million were just unloaded fertilizers. The fertilizers import through the ports of Parana remains on the rise. The volume is 14% higher than the 9.17 million tons registered in the same 11 months last year.

Only the month of November, around 1 million tons of fertilizers arrived in Brazil through the ports of Parana State this year. In 2020, in the same period, there were 877,159 tons of products received. The increase, in this comparison, reaches 16%.

"The ports of Parana, the first in Brazil in importing fertilizers, received almost 27% of the entire volume imported from January to November 2021, which was just over 38 million tons", says the CEO of the Ports of Paraná, Luiz Fernando Garcia.

The main fertilizers imported by the ports of Paranagua and Antonina are potassium chloride, urea, MAP, products of the NPK complex, among others. They come mainly from China, Russia, Canada, Belarus, Morocco and the United States.

In general, as explains Décio Luiz Gomes, executive manager of the Union of the Industry of Fertilizers and Agricultural Correctives in the State of Paraná (Sindiadubos), the international situation explains the increase in the volume of imported products. “The rising dollar makes our agricultural commodities very attractive to those who produce and sell. Capitalized, the producer buys more fertilizers, like other inputs”, he says.

Despite the fear of global issues – political, energy, meteorological and public health issues, on account of Covid-19 – the purchase of fertilizers in the period, according to Gomes, is part of the Brazilian agricultural cycle.

“Fertilizers purchased until March/April still met the application in this year's crop, in soy planting. The purchases of fertilizers in recent months, from April on, are to prepare producers for the next harvests, from 2022 on”, completes the manager of Sindiadubos.

From January to November, this year, the total accumulated volume of solid bulk – imported and exported – by the two ports in Parana was approximately 33.2 million tons, of which 21.57 million tons were exported. In this total are the volumes of shipped soy, corn, bran, wheat and sugar.

GENERAL CARGO – In the general cargo segment – which includes cargo volumes in containers, cellulose, bagged cargo, among others – almost 12.6 million tons were handled in both directions.

In TEUs (units equivalent to a 20-foot container), the movement for the period was a record: 1,009,646. The increase, compared to 902,694 TEUs, was 12%.

An evolution was also registered in the movement of vehicles. In the eleven months, there were 81,323 units – 5% more than the 77,636 units shipped and unloaded in 2020, from January to November.

The Container Terminal – TCP - trespassed the milestone of 1 million unities handled.

LIQUID – Of imported and exported liquid bulk, in the eleven months of the year, there were around 7.25 million tons. The volume this year was 4% higher than last year (6.98 million tons).