Soy exports through Paraná ports exceed 2019 total
04/09/2020 - 11:49

The volume of soybean shipped by the Export Corridor of the Port of Paranaguá, in Paraná, in the last eight months, has already exceeded, by 5,1%, the total exported in the twelve months of last year. From January to August 2020, It were exported almost 11.15 million tons of the grain. In 2019, from January to December, they were over 10.6 million tons of oilseed shipped through the complex.

Considering all the bulk handled, this year there were about 14.9 million tons of soybean, soymeal and corn. With four months to go until the end of the year, the Corridor has already handled almost 74% of the total volume registered in 2019 - 20.2 million tons.

In the eight months of 2019, the Paraná complex exported around 13.9 million tons of solid bulk - soybean, soymeal and corn. In the same period, in 2020, there were 14.9 million tons. Increase of 7%. The good moment is mainly motivated by the dry weather (for the exports), favorable exchange rates, prices and the record at the soybean harvest.

SOY – The increase registered in the volume of soybeans exported by the Port of Paranaguá, from January to August, in the comparison of these months in 2020 to 2019, is impressive. This year, with almost 11.15 million tons, the total soybeans shipped by the Corridor is 52.7% higher than last year's 7.3 million tons.

The exports of soymeal in these eight months are also higher. With almost 3.2 million tons of the product handled by the Corridor, this year, the volume is more than 10% higher than last year, in the period, with just over 2.9 million tons.

The main destination of the soybean is China (91%), with another 14 countries buying 10% of the product that is shipped from Paranaguá. About 23% of the soymeal is sent to Netherlands, 18% to France and 13% to South Korea. The other 46% is sent to another 15 countries.

CORN - The volume of corn shipped, little by little, begins to grow - mainly due to the arrival of the Brazilian new harvest. However, when comparing the accumulated of 2020 with 2019 it still shows a decrease. This year, only 546,334 tonnes of the product were exported through the Paranaguá Port Corridor. In 2019, from January to August, more than 3.7 million tons of product were shipped.

As the operators of the complex explain, the drop of more than 85% is justified by the atypical performance of corn in the market last year (with a big increase). This year, however, soy has gained more space.

According to the latest report of the Department of Rural Economy (Deral), from the State Secretariat of Agriculture and Supply of Paraná, more than 67% of the corn crops (second crop 19/20) have already been harvested and 59% of the total expected production (11.7 million tons) are already sold.


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